What We Do

Although we work with all metals in many different applications, we specialise in aluminium fabrication. With our 2 x 8 meter CNC router we offer multiple cutting and engraving solutions and have the ability to replicate with great precision and ease.

Examples of these are:

  • Marine repairs e.g. maintenance and fit outs on commercial boats, sports fishing boats and aluminium crafts.
  • Land transport work e.g. new truck body builds, tipper trucks, service vehicle bodies.
  • A wide range of architecural work e.g. metal pergolas, designed panels, metal facades, metal sculptures, outdoor staircases, custom letterboxes and numbers
  • Advanced 3D modeling and design service.

Some of our other products and services include:

  • General engineering
  • Coach building
  • Steel + Stainless steel work
  • Certified welding
  • Cutting and folding materials
  • Custom made trailers
  • Custom made flashings
  • Dog kennels and van fit outs
  • Marine products
  • Tanks – water/ petrol / diesel
  • Full range of road transport accessories
  • Fleet builds
  • DOC200 (DOC 200) trap packs to transport multi numbers of possum/stoat traps

We can also do the design work for you so there is no need to come in with drawings. Located in Petone, servicing the greater Wellington region.